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As one of the world’s best make-up artists, Jackie’s insider beauty tips are revealed in today’s Daily Mail Beauty Confidential.

“From primer to eyeshadow, these are the products we use every day – but do we know how to use them?” asks former top women’s magazine editor, Elsa McAlonan.

To find out from the professionals, Elsa called on the expertise of Jackie and fellow international make-up artists Laura Mercier, known for her successful make-up range, Gucci Westman, a New York-based celebrity make-up artist who works with Demi Moore and Jennifer Garner.

Here we reveal Jackie’s answers…

Should you apply primer on top of freshly cleansed skin or on top of moisturiser?
A primer provides a base for your foundation, which will ensure it will stay put longer, but will also help give the illusion of flawless, radiant skin.
Try Avon MagiX Face Perfector, or Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins, which is a cult classic.

Which make-up tools can’t you live without?
My Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, £19.50 (020 240 7635). I also get through lots of disposable mascara wands – £6.25 for a set of nine (thepromakeupshop.com).

What’s the best way to apply foundation to get a smooth, even coverage?
Use foundation only where you need it: around the eyes, nose and mouth. Blend well with a brush or fingers.

How can you get a lovely, healthy glow using bronzer without looking unnatural?
Avoid powder bronzers for a more mature skin. POP Beauty has a fabulously easy-to-apply cheek stain called Apples Of The Cheeks, that looks great on any skin tone and can be applied with fingertips.

How can you break out of a colour rut with eye shadow?
Try to complement your outfit with make-up rather than match it. Bella Pierre has a good range of shimmer powders.

Can you define your mouth and get long-lasting colour that doesn’t look too fake?
Colour is best applied sparingly over the top of a good lip primer to fill in fine lines around the lip line. Blend gently with the ring finger. When buying lipstick, get exactly the same colour lip liner.
After applying a primer, such as Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip-Fix Cream, £18 (Boots and department stores; 020 7574 2714 for stockists), apply the liner all over the lips to provide a colour base and give the lipstick something to cling to. Blot with a tissue and repeat two to three times for extralasting power.
Bobbi Brown’s Lip Liner pencils, £14, are long-lasting and the shades are all wearable. After applying, blend gently with the fingertips to remove any excess colour.

Read Elsa McAlonan’s full ‘Beauty Confidential’ column featuring Jackie Tyson at the DailyMail.co.uk.

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